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Nicolle & Jonathan | Orlando Proposal

I'm going to be very blunt right now and warn you guys that I will be extremely biased this entire post because well......my little brother proposed to my best friend and it's the best thing ever, although I'm still slightly weirded out, but mostly excited! I promise. Haha.

Jonathan came to me a couple of months prior to this day wanting help bringing this surprise proposal to life. He was very specific in what he wanted, but just needed a little boost in actually orchestrating everything as well as making sure both immediate families were there. And believe me... that was probably the hardest part if you know our families, but they came through. We quickly got to planning and chose the perfect spot in Lake Hiawatha Preserve which is located in a small city west of Orlando.

His biggest concern came when he couldn't figure out how to get everyone there without her noticing. Of course me, being a photographer, proposed the idea that I would ask them to "model" for me so I could test out some new things. He liked the plan and I contacted her. Little did she know of the surprise coming her way when she agreed. But this was perfect way to get her out there! It gave her time to get herself ready and all dolled up thinking she's just having a spontaneous photoshoot.

She literally had no idea! I began posing them once they arrived and that was the signal for the families to start walking towards us. As soon as they were close enough we had her turn around and the rest was history...

SHE SAID YES!!! My brother now has a fiance and I got the little sister I always asked for.


Location: Lake Hiawatha State Park

Decor: Mostly Ikea stuff and lots of love

Dress: Lulus.com